Çelebi Garden Hotel, which is a valuable example in terms of Slow Food Galatya and Small Hotels in Mehmetçik, Cittaslow, offers a special tourism service as a family business.


    The property, which has 23 villa-style rooms in the garden, also has a pool. Çelebi Garden Hotel, located in Mehmetçik village, which still maintains its village life, is very close to Mehmetçik Public Beach and Bafra Public Beach, and 30 minutes to the Golden Beach in Karpaz.

    Authentic Cypriot cuisine is one of the most important features of the hotel…

    During your stay, you will enjoy breakfast and other meals consisting of seasonal freshness and traditional products.


A good example of responsible tourism

Respecting the values of history, culture and nature and giving importance to locality, Çelebi Garden Hotel offers its guests a choice throughout the year in terms of viticulture, olive cultivation, honey and carob (carob) production.

    Within the scope of alternative tourism activities, the right address for those who want to take a walking tour in the village of Mehmetçik (Galatya), which has a potential, who want to have a good time with their family, who want a quiet resting holiday and who care about the hospitable Cittaslow spirit; Celebi Garden Hotel.

Buse Çelebi, a young business operator working to carry the tourism flag she received from her family, has an entrepreneurial energy that makes a difference with her work.


Vineyard Festival

In the “Vineyard Festival”, organized every year in cooperation with Çelebi Garden Hotel and Wine Travelers Club, a seminar on Cyprus wine culture is given with the presentation of the Wine Travelers Club, and wine-zivaniya tasting is held. On the second day, with the sunrise, grape harvesting in the vineyard, breakfast in the vineyard, crushing grapes, zivaniya distillation in the production facility and inspection of wine production are carried out.

    Cittaslow Mehmetçik is waiting for you to come and explore!


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