Our light coffee has been appreciated very much in England

Umut Oza, the director of Oza Coffee, who has an important place in the culture of Cyprus with its quality and taste, said that he was able to remove the sense of "Oza is too dark" during the North Cyprus Festival took place in London.

Our light coffee has been appreciated very much in England



Umut Oza who is known with his innovative and progressive features, is the director of the Oza Coffee which has a very important place in the culture of Cyprus with its quality and taste. He said that Oza Coffee loved by the people so much because of love and affection they are putting forward during the production process.

Umut Oza noted that their company is no longer just a trademark of the TRNC but they are making sure that they are progressing towards being a global brand in the direction of their goals.

Noting the "Festival of North Cyprus" organized by Zorlu Cezaroğlu in May, Oza added that he was able to remove the "Oza is too dark " perception in our fellow citizens living in the UK.

Oza; “A family business established in 1984”

Ergün Oza Kahve Ltd.Director Umut Oza spoke to NORTH CYPRUS UK., and told us that Ergün Oza Coffee Ltd. was founded by Ergün Oza in 1984 as a family company.

Umut Oza said that the companies founded 33 years ago have changed the coffee passion for 15 years in the island and that while in the past people would ask if you prefer your coffee "plain, sweet or medium", now all the brands have started to bring out their names and the first company that started branding was Oza Coffee.

Having said that, because of the company’s innovative and entrepreneur spirit, they have made their first export to UK in 1995, Oza explained that between 1995 and 2017 their uncle Mustafa Kemal Godo, had been their dealer in the UK and that Oza Kahve was lifted to the correct point.

Umut Oza informed us that during the Excel London Fair they have participated individually to represent our country and their brands, they have introduced our country's flags and coffee cultures. Oza also added that in this fair Oza Kahve Ltd.'s UK branch managed to establish serious links.

In the domestic TRNC market their strength that make themselves stronger than the other companies is about their initiative to start to export to Turkey said Mr. Oza, and added that in 2015 they have established Umut Oza Kahve A.Ş based in Ankara.

While Ergün Oza Kahve Ltd. in TRNC is for local market, on the other hand Umut Oza Kahve A.Ş based in Turkey, aims to import coffee to reach to the spots they were not able to before. Oza told us that Umut Oza Kahve A.Ş is transferring the products to other countries via Turkey and Turkey's domestic market as well.

As a TRNC trademark, Oza stated that they made a revolution in June of 2016 and said that they gave their first franchisees as "Oza Coffie House" in Girne.

Umut Oza noted that there is another active brand in Ankara, "Oza Coffie House Bistro" in Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi. Oza stated that Oza is now not only a trademark of TRNC and that she has walked with confident steps towards becoming a world brand in the direction of her goals.

Umut Oza stated that they are trying to take the right steps to grow in a corporate structure as a brand.

“We are actively implementing ISO 22000”

Oza said, "ISO 22000" is actively being implemented in their companies and their necessary filings are fully maintained. Oza explaining that they have done intensive research and work to create a world-class facility when building their facilities.

Umut Oza said that they made trademark registrations from Ankara Patent Industry 25 years ago and that they did not act with a single brand while doing this registration, they made 4 registrations with different names and logos.

Horizon and Yıldız subsidiary Holding to the Ulker Company in Turkey applied for "Roza" and "Soze" brand names but because these two name reminds "Oza", following their application to the 2nd Sina Court and they won, similarly they have been sued by the world-famous Starbucks for changing their brands and logos quickly because Starbucks had seen themselves as a threat.

Umut Oza, stated that they as a production company in the TRNC are proud to be seen as a threat by a company like Starbucks.

“Fair was very effective for us”

Ergün Oza Coffee Ltd. Director Umut Oza said; "Zorlu Cezaroğlu has achieved something that no other Turkish Cypriots achieved so far and he put into practice the "Northern Cyprus Festival" in London. Zorlu Cezaroğlu is one of the people I have taken as an example and I have taken a limited number of examples. Everyone made different comments. There were comments such as the festival could not be achieved. But the fair was very productive for us. I was able to remove the perception of "Oza is too dark" from our fellow citizens living in the United Kingdom. Our light coffee was very popular with everyone. The fair was a big plus for me. From now on, I will attend all the events organised by Zorlu Cezaroğlu".

Oza, who was 13 years old when he started this business in 1984, told us that he has been in the sector since then, said "Famagustians kept us going. Famagusta taught us to crawl first, then walk and run at the very end. EMU is the first university in the TRNC, and being Shakespeare's city of love, added a big plus to us. When we produce our coffee, we do it with love and affection. That’s why Oza is the best and temporary whim is the rest." He also added It is necessary to support people who are working hard for this island and the country. People shouldn’t be gossiping like any next door neighbour "




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