Young people of Cyprus continue their traditions

Young people of Cyprus continue their traditions

In the Venetian House, known as the “Queen's House” in Famagusta, where the Queen of Venice, Caterina Cornaron, has stayed, a legendary henna night has organised…

In Cyprus, every young person, depending on their traditions, organizes a henna night before the wedding.

Evşen Köroğlu and Mehmet Barani, who were the young people of their traditions, organized a henna night for their wedding.

The magnificent night was held in the Venetian House known as the “Queen's House” in Famagusta, where parliament member Resmiye Canaltay was born and raised, the Venetian Queen Catherine Kornaron has stayed.

Famous popular figures of Famagusta, such as Oya and Alper Köroğlu's daughters Evşen Köroğlu and the sons of Ülcaz-Uğur Barani, Mehmet Barani enjoyed as they wish at the henna night prior to the Salamis Hotel's wedding.

Friends and loved ones attended at the magnificent henna night, accompanied by folk dances.

The bride dazzled with her bindallı (a traditional wedding dress)

In the traditional night, guests were served Cypriot food. The bride dazzled in her robe, a long dress made of velvet called bindallı.

The bride and groom sat in the chair in the middle of the garden before the henna was applied. Groom had the wedding shave while the henna was applied to the bride.

Young girls was singing songs, and the bride and the groom was dancing. After the groom put a jewelry on his bride, the red veil on the bride's head was opened and the henna was distributed to the guests. Young girls covered the bridal dowry quilt. After the henna was burned, folk songs were being played.