‘Kafidir’ Recepie

Vegetarian Stuffed Vegetables

  ‘Kafidir’ Recepie


- Pumpkinblossoms and vine leaves


Ingredients for dough:


-      Rice

-      Tomatoes

-      Onion

-      Fresh and dried mint

-      Salt

-      Black pepper

-      Olive oil

-      Lemon juice

-      Hellim





Place the rice into a bowl; add grated tomatoes and onion, and mixed them together with fresh and dried mint, small-diced hellim, olive oil, lemon, salt and black pepper in order to prepare the dough.  

Fill ın half the dough into the pre-washed and dried pumpkinblossoms with a spoon. Close them with the top of the flowers and place them properly into the cooking pot

On the other hand, fill the vine leaves that wilted in the hot water and roll them as a finger shape, then place them into the cooking pot. In order to press down the stuffed vegetables, place a proper plate upside-down on top of them. Add a very small amount of water to cook them.


Bonne Appétit


Kemal Kafidir



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