A must for Cypriots

Pasta with Chicken

  A must for Cypriots

1 pack of thick pasta

2-2 dessert spoon mint

1 whole chicken

Bay leaf

1 desser spoon salt


Halloumi or dried curd cheese

1 coffee cup olive oil

Lemon or oranges


Parçalanan tavukları, az yağda kızarması için teflon tavada kızartın. Pişen makarnayı, üzerine hellim serpiştirip, kızarmış tavukla servis edelim. Afiyet olsun.

After washing the chicken throughly, rub it with lemon or orange. Boil the chicken in a deep pot in 2-2 ½ liters of water. After the chicken is boiled, take it from the pot and dismantle it. Later, break the pasta into three and add to the boiling chicken water, adding a dessertspoon of salt and mint. Stir occasionally. Pasta will be cooked in 20-25 minutes. Fry the chicken pieces in a teflon pan with little oil. Serve the cooked pasta with grated halloumi and fried chicked. Bon appetit! 

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