The Eiffel Tower of Cyprus

Two old ports in Lefka, the old copper town: The Red Port and Gemikonağı (Xero) Port

  The Eiffel Tower of Cyprus

Due to its location, the island of Cyprus is known for its ports since the antique age. The remnants of antique ports in cities such as Salamis and Soli are the most important supporters of this. Among the ports in North Cyprus, Port of Famagusta and Karavostasi Port carry great significance as they have international recognition even though we do not use them as such.

At the coastline of Lefka, there are two old ports that witnessed the recent history. There are the Red Port and the Xero – Karavostasi Port.

The Red Port

A place that witnessed the chrome, copper and orange exports of Cyprus, therefore, the wealth of Cyprus.

The Red Port… One of the most important symbols of the region…The Eiffel Tower of Cyprus

The Red Port… A work place for hundreds from where people won their bread..

The Red Port... A spot that hosts thousands of migratory birds with the eucalyptus trees and other trees around it..

The Red Port… One of the best places to watch the sunset...

Even though the port situated between Gemikonağı and the village of Yedidalga is known as the Red Port due to its colour, it is also called the Port of Mangli or the Port that belongs to the Hellenic Company. According to the information I have acquired from the lawyer Vehit Nekipzade, a Greek businessman Mangli buys this Turkish property and starts the business of port management and mining activities. The Port undertakes activities with the modern opportunities of the time and the band belt system until the mid 1980s.

Its length in the sea by itself is 500 meters and there are 500 meters between each pole. The total length of the port pier is calculated to be one kilometres. The Red Port that can been seen from nearly every corner of Lefka is an important symbol.

Before 1974, copper mine and chrome were exported and after 1974 chrome and oranges from the sea side were exported from the Port. These restless days are narrated by the ones who lived them. When the copper extraction activities ended, CMC needed to leave Cyprus and leave 110 tons of waste and tons of copper reserves. After 1974, the Port of Mangli and the Ports of Gemikonağı were expropriated. Even though the Red Port continued its activities for a little longer, in 1986 it faces the inevitable end and it is closed by its Italian managers. Afterwards, it is transferred to the State Property and Tools Office. Its current idle and messy condition influences one deeply.

Some important points about the Ports

One of the oldest ports of the Island, Karavostasi or Gemikonağı Port, had a status of exporting copper glance in particular. Lefka and the ports that were especially active during the time of CMC lose their functions as the Cyprus Mining Company leaves Cyprus in 1975.

Since the Antique Era, Lefka has been known for its ports and commercial wealth. Both its position and the depth of the sea are very convenient for this. The current conditions of two values of Cyprus, the Red Port and the Port of Gemikonağı, are saddening.

The Red Port, the Eiffel Tower of Cyprus as named by my friend Atila Karaderi, was the shining star of an era. Right now, both Lefka and the Ports miss the bright days of the past. I hope that these important places can be used by tourism.

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