A piece from heaven at the north-eastern tip of the island...

Place to be for seclusion...

  A piece from heaven at the north-eastern tip of the island...
Karpasia is unarguably one of the most beautiful places in our country...

It is in fact a piece heaven where green and blue meet. At the north-eastern tip of Cyprus, Karpasia peninsula is an essential site to visit for tourists due to its natural and historical look.

Karpasia, which is under protection as it is a National Park, is one of the most significant regions of the country.

It has been the haunt of the ones who want to escape the noise of the city and seclude themselves in. The beaches where blue and green meet have always impressed the visitors, and they still do. Beaches are flooded by tourists and locals alike. During these hot summer days, the beaches of Karpasia are swarm with.  One of the most beautiful beaches of the world-Golden Beach, Ayphilon Beach and the beach next to Sea Bird site is very crowded... Karpaz Gate Marina that opened its doors recently attracts intense attention.

Apostolos Andreas Monastery, one of the most important religious sites of Orthodox Christians, is located in the Karpasia peninsula that is home to a variety of antique cities, monasteries and remnants of a variety of civilisations. Apostolos Andreas Monastery is currently under restoration and it cannot be visited.

A journey accompanied by donkeys

Being the symbols of Karpasia, the wild donkeys that have been living in the region for centuries accompany you along the journey.

The ones who go to the very tip of Karpasia come across the donkeys for sure. Donkeys are approached by many cars and given food and water. Tourists admire the nature.

The authorities nearly forgot about these wild donkeys that are one of the natural beauties of Cyprus. Besides world famous natural and cultural heritages, donkeys are also devoid of care.




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