Walt Disney’s source of inspiration:

St. Hilarion Castle

Walt Disney’s source of inspiration:

One of the three mysterious mountain fortresses of the Middle Ages in Cyprus, St. Hillarion is a stop for a miraculous route where the footsteps of the past echoes.

Creating the famous comic book characters in Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the castles in Walt Disney's tales, has inspired by this castle.

The castle, which welcomes hundreds of visitors every day with its magnificent location, is among the most popular historical artifacts in Cyprus.

The highest point of the castle is 732 meters, where the medieval troop animation welcomes you to take photos.

Gazing at the view of the Kyrenia’s mountain and sea from the queen's window located at St. Hilarion Castle’s highest point, is a blessing to your soul.

It is exceedingly worth to climb to the top!