High quality, sensitive, Home Care Service in London : A Warm Hand Reaching out to You.

Cprian Care is one of the most popular establishments, giving home care services to the Turkish Cypriot Community, with their home care workers, who are expert,respectful and conscious of their responsibilities, they give service to , elderly,diabled and people in need of care according to their personal requirements.

 High quality, sensitive, Home Care Service in London : A Warm Hand Reaching out to You.
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Cyprian Care is one of the most popular establishments giving home care services, to the Turkish Cypriot Community, it was established in 2006 and started giving formal services in 2007, located at 173 Green Lanes, Palmer Green, London.

Cyprian Care provide 24 hour no-stop services for persons in need of care, trying to improve their health and living standards, also it is known for its sensitive cultural services. Motivated by the opinion that people speaking, Turkish, Kurdish and Greek living in London, are not able to benefit from the nursing homes in England sufficiently, with the aim of providing  ‘’ Home Care with Cultural sensitivity’’ established the company in 2010, started givivg high quality services designed for all communities living in North London.


Preserving individuals living standart and social respectability.


Cyprian Care was established by, executive director, in charge of Creation of New Business Areas and Compamy Finance Kemal Nami, Human resources and Quality director Ahmet Öykaner and director responsible for Operational Affairs Şeref Sever, its main aim is to Rehabilitate, advance and preserve the health of, elderly, disabled and people in need of care, try to maintain their living standart and social respectability.


Director Şeref Sever speaking to North Cyprus UK, stated that their core principle was, to give psychological support to the family and the individual beside the care, while enhancing quality and to  employ Professional employees.

Sever continued his words as such ; ‘’ Our objective is to be respectful to  the service users rights, providing services for, elderly, disabled and those in need of care, according to their individual needs, by home care workers who are aware of their responsibilities, are educated, experienced and are experts. By involving the individual actively in the care plan, try to accelerate their  recovery and increase their self- reliant living standard. We are all ways ready to help those who wantsto benrfit from all these.’’


Registered services, that does not discriminate religion, language, race and gender.


Headqurters, provides comprehensive services under many categories, such as, nursing services, supporting health services, day/night care, individual care, help in house works, reorganizing the house, social support, nourishment and nutrition services, and consultancy services. Cyprian Care is known to provide, equalitarian care in all areas, with a protective and preventive understanding against religion, language,  race and gender discrimination, these qualıty services are substantiated by the certificates and registrations obtained. Cyprian Care, after realizing quality management system ISO 9001:2008 in the year 2015, carried on and in 2017 succeeded in realizing the existing system new version, quality management system ISO 9001. 2015, thus is on of the most successful institutions in North London.


Employee training


Cyprian Care is developing itself by putting all of their employees through a training programme by which they will be able to give the highest standard of service, according to their abilities, to serve the individual, that need care, their applying procedures like, service user surveys, employee surveillance and evaluation, three moth observation and control systems and complaint / satisfaction statements.


Cyprian Cares forward looking projects and aims are; to reduce service users inconvenient and unnecessary hospitalization, by increasing their communication with the environment, speeding up their recovery, ensuring their happiness by giving them the opportunity to defend themselves and try to get them yo the highest level of freedom they can achieve.


Cyprian Care, provides the most sensitive services to the people that need care in London.


Cyprian care can be reached at 0208 88 88 118 phone number or web site //cypriancare.com/

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