He created his motorcycle from junks

He made a motorcycle in 9 months

He created his motorcycle from junks

Fuat Güngörmuş who is a Motorcycle enthusiast, started repairing motorcycles as a hobby and surpassed himself and created a motor cycle, from parts has gathered from the junkyard. Güngörmüş narrated his motorcycle passion, and how he created his motorcycle to North Cyprus UK.

A youngster named Fuat Güngörmüş, combined his motorcycle passion with his creativity , an created his motorcycle from junk pieces.

Güngörmüş was affected by his father’s Yusuf Güngörmüş, motorcycle passion, in an early age, he had the opportunity to familiarise with and ride different brand and models of motorcycles. When Fuat Güngörmüş started to repair broken down motorcycles as his father, he was sure that, he can give life to a junk motorcycle.

Güngörmüş, graduated from the computer department and is working in a private insurance company. Fuat Güngörmüş passes his time, after work, in his work shed, he put together in his back yard, his main promoter is his wife Semiha Güngörmüş, although he does not have much income, she accepts with leniency the money he spends on motorcycle parts, saved from pinch and scrap.


He made a motorcycle in 9 months
Fuat Güngörmüş was introduced to Mobilet brand motorcycle in secondary school. In his University years, he owned two different brands of motorcycles, aSuziki Birdy and a Gilera Full Cross, with the money he earned ,working as an electrician. Güngörmüş, narrates his adventure of creating a brand new motorcycle from junk parts, with these words:

‘’It was the month of November in 2017. I found the engine of a Suziki brand GSX 400 Twin model motorcycle in a junkyard in Değirmenlik. Then I started the search of other parts. I paid 500Tl to the junkyard owner for, front and back rims,, abd whatever other parts I could use and went to my workshop. With the guidance of my father, Yusuf Güngörmüş, in about 9 months I created a brand new motorcycle.’’

Güngörmüş says that, after months of effort when he was able to start the engine,’’ I got very excited, when I first heard the sound of the engine.’’

He has to say that, when converting the junk, sometimes he spend only an hour in the work shop, and sometimes he worked till morning.

It is more atractive to transform than to ride
Güngörmüş says that, the current value of the transformed motorcycle is about 1500 pounds. Says that’’ I am very happy to transform, if I was offered an amount over its value I won’t sell my motorcycle.’’ Fuat Güngörmüş was freguently going on trips with his father, who instilled his motorcycle passion, but he adds that the gradual increase in traffic accidents in North Cyprus, has made him reluctant. I lost too many friends and relatives in traffic accidents, so for me it is more attractive to transform motorcycles than to ride them any more.