From sand to life

Journey from Mediterranean(Akdeniz) to Mediterranean...

From sand to life

The journey from the Akdeniz Village to the Mediterranean begins with the first fathoms of the little turtle following its first steps...

The coast of Akdeniz Villageaffects the visitors with its unique spawning and breeding grounds as well as the sand lilies that hold on to life in the sand.


It is a great feeling to send off the turtles to the sea, to the Mediterranean. An unforgettable experience. How meaningful... After small steps, the embrace of the sea and the start of a life of hundreds of years if everything goes smoothly... A miraculous "Hello" from Cyprus, from the Mediterranean to a new life...

What we observed in the “Turtle Observation Tour” that we participated in the past weeks, made us feel like “There are good things happening in our country”. The observation tours launched by The Turtle Conservation Project” in cooperation with the Caretta Caretta Restaurant, run by the Akdeniz village lover TarıkBozalan, attracts great attention. Environmental volunteer friends who signed this creative idea needs to be appreciated from the heart.

“Sunset and Turtle Loving Tour” takes place in the Akdeniz Village, which is organized for tourists and interested parties, is organized on certain days of the week and there is a lot of interest in the tour.The coast attracts interests with a most beautiful sunset and wide coastline, 6 kilometres in length... Guests from different countries, such as British, German, Danish, Polish, Czech, shows interest to the tour. Guests are photographing the sunset, followed by a short introductory video with sandwiches and drinks.

Finally, just after sunset, each tourist helps turtles to embraces the sea by naming them. On average, 500 tourists a week visit this coast where has the best sun sets.

24 years long project

According to the information we gathered from the team coming from England; “Turtle Protection Projectis a 24-year project. While there were very few nests in the Akdeniz village, last year this figure increased to 200 and this year to about 350. This is a perfect increase. This is one of the most special areas of Cyprus. It must be protected...

Tarık Bozalan, an Akdeniz village lover, works with his family in the Caretta Caretta Restaurant. In addition to the excellent flavours in the restaurant, he is also a person who needs to be appreciated with his environmental aspect.

Tarık Bozalan who make a great effort to save the Akdeniz coastline which dote upon, speaks to our newspaper says:

When we started operating this place, there were 13 nests on the beach. With our protection and awareness we created, we went into 350 homes.Our beach 6 kilometres long, is very suitable for hiking. We are very happy that turtles prefer this beach. Another feature of this beach is that the most of the sand lily on the island is here. Every year in September, we organize a “Sand to Life”, event in cooperation with institutions and organizations. Developing by protecting the nature is the right way. Organized at the Akdeniz coast, Turtle Tours are going very well. Three days a week, there's a high interest. Besides the turtle observation tours, we offer safari, cycling and hiking alternatives to our visitors.”

Akdeniz Village has a rich history

The Akdeniz coast, one of the most important spawning areas of turtles (caretta caretta and green turtle), impresses its visitors with its unique spawning and breeding grounds as well as sand lilies that hold on to life in the sand. Located on the west coast of Kyrenia, the Akdeniz village is home to the richest historical ruins and findings of Cyprus.

White-flowered sand lilies(pancratium maritumum) blooming in August and September, “White Princess” as described by Hasan Sarpten, are mostly located on the coast of the Akdeniz villages.

The Akdeniz village is waiting to be explored with its archaeological richness, the Cypriot culture, the spawning and breeding area of the sea turtles, the private turtle beach, the sand lilies and the walking paths that host many flora species…