Discovering the hidden world

Discovering the hidden world

* Nautilus Scuba Diving School provides training for those who wants to dive as a hobby as well for those who wants to be a professional on diving. The diving school which hosts large divers’ groups from Turkey and other parts of the world, and allows the unique discovery of rich subterranean waters of Northern Cyprus by organizing events.

* Tevfik Camgöz, owner of Nautilus Scuba Diving School, is the first underwater photographer in Cyprus. Camgöz placed hundreds, or even thousands of his original photo frames in exhibitions took place in Northern Cyprus, alongside with Turkey, Germany, England and in Moscow. The successful work of Camgöz and the diving team has been proven by documentaries.


The undiscovered aspects of the underwater as well as the earth are attracting attention. The exciting part of the underwater world is quite a lot. Exploring the hidden world in the depths of water is perhaps impressive enough to make you forget all your problems on earth.

Those who experience these moments once, becomes diving enthusiasts.

We interviewed Tevfik Camgöz, who is the doyen of the underwater world and has trained thousands of people so far, and asked him about the projects he achieved and the ones has been planning.

Dives from a young age

Starting free dive at a very young age, Camgöz told us that he was a naughty boy, when he was 4 years old all the children were using arm floats, he removed his arm floats to dive in the sea to collect sea shells.

Tevfik Camgöz, stated that durıng the middle school years he participated in the Discovery Scuba Diving program in Turkey, and at the beginning of the university year he obtained Padi Open Water certificate by taking a diving training and thus he began his professional diving life.

Camgöz opened the diving school named Nautilus Scuba Diving School within the Deniz Kızı Hotel premises in Alsancak, in the year 2000. He emphasizes that since the opening of the school he has developed both himself and its equipments to the world standards.

Tevfik Camgöz states that the dive school he owns is among the top quality schools which can train 5 star instructors.

Mr. Camgöz underlines that Nautilus Scuba Diving School was the only diving school to received grants by participating in the EU Grant Program in Northern Cyprus and that they had better equip the school with the support received from the Development Bank.

He has 47 certificates

Tevfik Camgöz who has 47 trainer level diplomas, delivers diver certificates for both military and sporty purposes. Camgöz underlines that he is the diving instructor of special forces of TRNC as well as Turkey.

In addition to his success in diving, Tevfik Camgöz is the director of a construction company and real estate agent called Camgözler Group of Companies.

Camgöz, who conducts diving school with a professional team that speaks at least two foreign languages, also provides training to young people at METU Diving Club.

Many exhibitions and a documentary

Tevfik Camgöz, who takes under water photographs, is the first underwater photographer in Cyprus. Camgöz placed hundreds, or even thousands of his original photo frames in exhibitions took place in Northern Cyprus, alongside with Turkey, Germany, England and in Moscow.

The successful work of Camgöz and the diving team has been proven by documentaries. State television TRT in Turkey, through Tevfik Camgöz, has realized the "Blue Depths of the Green Island" documentary.

Tevfik Camgöz, who has the qualities of a researcher, reminds us that the first dive team in the world is the Turks and the first oxygen cylinders that Jacques Cousteau used in the 1950s placed in his school. Camgöz, who also made discoveries under the water, he emphasizes that they found a 5600-year-old Pharaoh shipwreck and they were working with the Britsh Museum on that.

You can have a trial dive!

Tevfik Camgöz stated that the people who would dive for the first time were told about scuba diving unit in the pool or in the shallow water which is called the trial dive. Camgöz said that Discovery Scuba Diving, another type of dive, can only performed by people who are certified to be able to dive to 6 meters. In this training, the theoretical course followed by, under water practices of the regulator, the mask, the use of extra air resources and the ability to discard the regulator-to-find skills developed.

Camgöz indicated that the Nautilus Scuba Diving School has the capacity to host largest diving groups from all around the world as well as Turkey and to provide all the necessary organizations, he also noted that the school has an environmentalist attitude that in this context, they organize an event each year at different regions to clean the environment and the water.

No danger attached

For those who want to explore the underwater world, the fun of diving in this school is € 120 (Euro). The school is also capable of providing the necessary equipment.

Director of Nautilus Scuba Diving School and Professional Diving Instructor Tevfik Camgöz stated that if the rules of the diving are complied with, it is a fun sport and that there is no danger. However, if you are suffering from severe diabetes or asthma, or if you have serious heart problems and you keep it to yourself as a secret, accidents will be inevitable. In addition, alcohol should definitely not take before a dive. The price is heavy.”

Camgöz, who develops new projects with each passing day, emphasizes that they are aiming to protect certain regions in consultation with Animal Husbandry Department and to follow up the protected areas with camera control.

Tourists curious about diving

Tevfik Camgöz said that the people of Cyprus are not keen on diving, but the tourists coming to the country does not hesitate to do this sport: “Europeans encourage their 8-9-year-old children to dive. For example, one of the small students from England who had been taken diving training was freed from asthma. Another student I trained at a young age, was a diving instructor years later. These are great events for me to be proud of”.

Tevfik Camgöz, giving advice to those who want to do diving; “Do not worry and do not postpone your thinking. Get in touch with us and join the beauties of the underwater world”.