There is great interest in the projects in Iskele from all over the world

There is great interest in the projects in Iskele from all over the world

TWO NEW PROJECTS ARE ON THE WAY… Thanks to its strong staff, Noyanlar Group of Companies, which continues its overseas sales and marketing activities online, has managed to reach investors from all over the world. The company is preparing to implement two new projects in 2021.

One of the leading names in the construction industry, Noyanlar Group of Companies continues its investments in the Iskele region without slowing down.

Noyanlar Group of Companies, which has changed the face of Iskele, enriched its social life, and brought popularity to the region with all its investments, is preparing to implement two new projects that will attract the attention of investors soon.

Noyanlar Group of Companies Board Member, Overseas Marketing Officer, and Sales Director Zarif Noyan gave information to North Cyprus UK Newspaper about sales and marketing activities and new projects.

Keep growing with strong staff

Saying that they have a strong staff in sales and marketing and that they have increased customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of online service during the coronavirus period, Zarif Noyan said, “The coronavirus epidemic did not hinder our work. While our strong staff continues to provide online services, we have kept the hygiene and health rules at the highest level in our company to provide a safe environment for our guests. In terms of marketing, which is the lifeblood of our company, we managed to keep warm relations on the agenda, especially with online presentations for our overseas real estate agents and customers.”

“Investors meet with a safe and peaceful environment”

Zarif Noyan emphasized that investing in the 'address of investment' region such as İskele and Long Beach has been successful in opening the doors to the world, and stated that investors from almost all over the world meet with a safe and peaceful life under the roof of a family company such as Noyanlar Group of Companies.

“Forbes announced our voice to the world”

Touching on the fact that Iskele is included in Forbes Magazine's list of the 'Top 5 Seafront Regions', Zarif Noyan said, "We are very happy that Iskele is among the 'top 5 regions' in such a popular magazine. Because the fact that a small island like Cyprus is an unrecognized country has always hurt us deeply. While representing our island and Noyanlar Group of Companies in the foreign market, being an unknown island has always pushed our way uphill. However, with the news in Forbes Magazine, we made our voice heard to the world”.

“Online sales continue... Eyes are on the full opening of flights”

Zarif Noyan, Member of the Board of Directors of Noyanlar Group of Companies, Foreign Marketing Manager and Sales Director, pointed out that the interest of the investors in the projects is extremely high, and said that the sales are realized online. Noyan stated that they expect the density to increase a lot once the flights are fully opened and the quarantine is taken under control.

“Two new projects will be launched in 2021”

Recalling that they have two new projects that will be put into operation in 2021, Zarif Noyan noted that the preparations for these projects are about to be completed quickly.

Noyan stated that investors prefer projects with rent-guaranteed and safe living spaces and that they continue to work in this direction.