Noyanlar, has opened its doors to the World

Noyanlar Group of Companies, which is one of the top companies in construction sector in northern Cyprus, continues to innovate and develop itself...

Noyanlar, has opened its doors to the World


In Northern Cyprus, the Noyanlar Group of Companies, which is one of the top companies in the construction sector, continues to innovate and improve itself.

    The Noyanlar Group of Companies, which has mostly changed the face of the subject areas with the huge investments they have made in Famagusta, Long Beach and Boğaz regions, attracts many investors with their sales offices opened to many countries of the world as well as the people of the country.

   The giant company with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belarus, Israel, Azerbaijan and Lithuania is ready to set up a new sales office in China in 2018.


"Success = team spirit"


    Zarif Noyan, sales director of the Noyanlar Group of Companies, stressed the importance of their overseas offices, emphasizing that they have achieved great success with their architectural investments.

   Zarif Noyan highlighted the reputation and solidity behind the work of their companies, stating that they are satisfied with the quality of their high-quality projects and that they have enjoyed the satisfaction of foreign and domestic customers.

   Recognizing that it is a strong team, Zarif Noyan continued:

   "The Noyans opened their doors to the world. We have sales offices in many countries of the world. We are preparing to open an office in China. Offices are only a tool for us, important staff who will welcome you when you come in, even more important is our staff who will understand and respond to your expectations. We have a strong team. We continue to renew and develop ourselves. "

   Noyan said that he managed a professional sales team and emphasized the success of his team thanks to his team spirit and said, "Thanks to the team spirit, we are making success sustainable."


5 more new residences!


   Zarif Noyan has recently told us that they have taken the decision to sign new projects with the development and proliferation of investments in the region and country.

   Noyan, studio, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, villa and many more options for the residence project that will open very soon, she said.

   Noyan said that one of these would look like the Royal Sun Residence project, which is now attracting a lot of attention, and that it will be suitable projects for family life at different points.


Four Vision, '' Four Season ''


    Zarif Noyan added that Four Vision, a four-Cypriot construction company, is working on a new villa-based project under the name of Four Season, announcing the launch of the subject project in April.


New Shopping mall in Iskele!


    The Noyanlar Group of Companies, which added value to the Iskele with their investments, also made good news that they planned to build a mall and a shopping mall.

    Zarif Noyan voiced that the Shopping Center would respond to the needs of the region and continued as follows:

    "The AVM project will be one of the projects that excites me the most in 2018. The project will meet the needs of Iskele. From shopping centers to children's playgrounds, from restaurants to bowling alleys, I think AVM will be a center of attraction for our region. "

    Zarif Noyan also stated that the project details will soon be shared, noting that AVM will also open a business area for the people of the region.


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