‘Lets play catch with oranges’

Because of the specific climate conditions of Mediterranean, the taste of Cyprus’ oranges as well as orange juices are unique. The orchards, which can be found mostly in Morphou - Lefke Area, looks like a bride in her white dress in March and April.

‘Lets play catch with oranges’



Lets play catch with oranges,
Lets come from different directions,
Though we meet in Cyprus. (Anonymous)

The main types of oranges grown in Morphou and Lefke regions; Jaffa Oranges, Valencia, Grapefruit, Sugar Orange, Washington, lemon, citrus and different tangerine varieties. It is estimated that the citrus garden is around 50 thousand acres in the region. Cypriot oranges, especially Lefke Jaffa Oranges, have a world-known quality. Lefke Yafa Orange is considered the most delicious orange of Cyprus. The producers attribute this to the region's position between the mountains and the sea, to regional climatic conditions, to mineral soil characteristics, to water quality, and to the vaccination on lemons.

Between February and April of the year, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice from the tree branch is a unique pleasure. The Orange Festival in Güzelyurt is held every June, and the Lefke Jaffa Festival is held in Lefke in the first week of April.


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Zorlu Cezaroğlu