Nature is calling for you

Mountain and woodland hikes in North Cyprus, accompanied by an unrivaled fresh air and a beautiful nature, have a pleasant effect on the mind and soul a like.

  Nature is calling for you

Especially during spring and winter months, the bright sun beams bouncing off the unique landscape offers a splendid scenery for the hiking enthusiasts. The hiking trails on the Five Finger Mountains in Kyrenia are treasures waiting to be discovered. The chance to observe and photograph the native flora while walking along paths filled with stunning long cypress trees and heavenly pine smells are just another bonus of these trails. On some of the trails, magical archeological artefacts surrounding the nature softly invite you into a dreamland. Let us also not forget the must-see attractions around the Five Fingers hiking trails, such as the Armenian Monastery, the Antiphonitis Church and the St. Hilarion Castle. Finally, it is also possible to find over a hundred different types of orchids unique to Cyprus on these trails.

There are private firms in Northern Cyprus that organize mountain and woodland hiking tours. In addition to these firms, there is also a Mountaineering Club in Northern Cyprus which offers the same services. You can get in touch with any one of these organizations to go on these enjoyable hikes, which are a great way to exercise, stay healthy and to familiarize oneself with the nature and history of Northern Cyprus along the way. We advise you to go on these hikes with professional guides.

Services offered in this area include not only hiking tours, but also mountain climbing and camping events. Moreover, included in the hiking tours are breakfast, lunch and dinners. From time to time, the lunches are even served in village houses in an authentic atmosphere. These opportunities and much more make Northern Cyprus an ideal destination for spontaneous getaways.

For information on mountain and woodland hikes:

Mountaineering Club: 0542 851 18 00

Follow me: 815 38 37 – 0542 851 66 70

Suggestions for mountain and woodland hikes:

Always bring a good pair of hiking shoes, a hat, a t-shirt, shorts or long pants, a hiking hat, a liter of water per person with you.

If you get lost, go back and find the pre-marked signs on the trail.

Do not use the trails after dark.

Do not light a fire or smoke on the trails.

Protect the flora and living beings.

Beware of snakes during the summer season.

Use a stick during hikes. 

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