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Why should I go to North Cyprus?

Cyprus is undoubtedly the most mysterious island of the Mediterranean. When combining the peace and the sincerity of our country northern Cyprus together with history, culture and natural values, it is beautiful in every season and one can not get enough of its landscapes.

01 Eylül 2017 Cuma 11:41
  Why should I go to North Cyprus?



This is Northern Cyprus, 'a Mediterranean island'

Northern Cyprus is a land of ten thousand years of history and cultural heritage, a sunny, peaceful environment warming more than 300 days of the year, a unique island cuisine, wonderful nature and untouched sandy beaches...

This is the island of Northern Cyprus, which is always wanted for strategic, political, commercial and religious reasons at all times in its history and never lost its appeal.

This is the northern part of Cyprus, home of the Neolithic settlements where the first civilization fire was burnt, the antique city realms reflecting the glory of the Roman period, the refuge of the Crusades, the most magnificent country of the Lusignan from the French dynasties, the most important port of the Venetian traders in the east and the strongest fortress of Ottoman Empire in the eastern Mediterranean...

This is North Cyprus… where the English writer William Skakespeare got inspired by the fortress of the Famagusta harbor while writing his famous tragedy Othello...

This is North Cyprus… where the creator of the famous comic book characters Walt Disney got inspired by St.Hilarion Castle and subject the castle in his 'Sleeping Beauty'...

This is North Cyprus... a mysterious representative of history, with the most spectacular Gothic monuments in the Eastern Mediterranean...

This is North Cyprus... where Leonardo Da Vinci had a contribution to Famagusta's city defense plan and in his invaluable piece 'Jesus’ Last Supper', the drawing on the table cover is inspired by the Cyprus' Lefkara ‘Stream Motives'...

This is North Cyprus… the inspirational stop of the famous British writer Lawrance Durell where he wrote the book 'Bitter Lemons'...

This is the mysterious Island of North Cyprus, where the path of faith among the continents intersects, where as subjected in the 'Da Vinci's Cryptography' book,

Lionhearted Richard bought for a hundred thousand Byzantine gold from the 'Knights of the Temple'.

This is North Cyprus… the island of love where the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was born and loved Adonis, the island has witnessed the immortal mythological love of artistic king Pygmalion to a lawless woman sculpture that he created himself…

It is a great privilege to have a holiday in an island named Cyprus, which has the Goddess of Love and Beauty as symbol... What about living and sharing this special experience?

North Cyprus is calling you. Come… Have A Look… Discover!




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