When women entrepreneurs enact: Green Kitchen Projects

Two female entrepreneurs Gülsen Akdogdu and Laden Asilzade founded a partnership and put the country cuisine, which is the culture of this partnership, as a base.

 When women entrepreneurs enact: Green Kitchen Projects

 The Green Kitchen Cook School, which adopts the principle of maintaining and improving the Cyprus cuisine properly, provides support for healthy life by producing projects for natural life, healthy food production, sustainable agriculture and development of rural tourism.




Akdoğdu and Asilzade, the executives of the Green Kitchen Cooking School, are helping to keep Cypriot culinary culture alive with the projects aiming to both entertain and learn by participating in the daily adventure of "from fields to fork" food adventure since 2014 and support the developmental power of rural women with their education and awareness efforts. 

In addition to the Green Kitchen Cuisine School in Çağlayan, they have travelled far enough to organize a series of organic farming seminars for women farmers in rural areas. They also add, “"If sustaining the Cypriot cuisine requires raising Cypriot organic wrinkled tomatoes, we are in to it too". 


Apart from the difficulties of doing business as a woman, these two beautiful people, who are involved in a sensitive business area such as the catering sector, exemplify not only women but also everyone else at the same time.


Laden Asilzade as a lawyer working abroad, decided to come back to the country with the love of the country. And she added to her lawyer's identity, a food school partnership, and worked there herself, in order to stay alive and to make her beliefs come true.


Gülsen Akdoğdu is a lucky person who involved in agriculture and land since her childhood. And she has become one of the most constructive and productive people you can see by the luck of this environment.


First of all, can we get information about Green Kitchen Cooking School Project from you? What are you targeting with this project and how do you follow it?


The Green Kitchen Cooking School is a Ministry of Education approved training center that creates healthy living by producing healthy food production, sustainable agriculture and rural tourism development projects. As it is understood from the name, it puts the colour of nature and freshness into its whole understanding. The school keeps the Cyprus cuisine in a proper way and develops its basic principles. For this reason, it also contributes to the survival of the cultural heritage by planning various fun activities for the tourists coming in the special culture tourism concept.


You have an important mission for Cypriot food culture and healthy life.


Yeah. "Green Kitchen Projects" is a green kitchen project that takes the name of the source. The project is full of various missions linked to each other.

We continued to pursue our mission in different regions in a short period of time with our service-oriented studies during the period from 2014 to the present day.

Courses, trainings, have opened the way for the development of safe food in a safe and healthy environment for Cypriot culture. We provide on-site service to the villagers throughout Cyprus.

You have other partnerships besides the trainings you gave to the village people in this 2 years adventure. Could you give us information on this?


Within 2 years we have established 2 branches and more than one cooperation partnership. We opened the "Green Kitchen Chef's Market", a showcase of Cypriot traditional organic products in Nicosia Municipal Market (Historical Bandabulya) and a food service kiosk in 1001 Airport to the taste of tourists and the public. Apart from these, we have established cooperation partnership with different companies in Nicosia, Karpaz, Pergama, Lefke, Lapta.

 We are aiming to involve participants as they are learning and having fun by incorporating practices into the "from fields to fork" food adventure.


We had a chance to see one of your trainings for village women in Karpaz. What are you targeting with these training seminars for village women?


The survival of the culinary culture of Cyprus was one of the aims of our project to support the developmental power of rural women through their education and awareness efforts. We have a mission to introduce production, tourism, island culture and the wonderful nature of the island.

For this reason, we organize trainings on sustainable agriculture and organic farming practices, rural tourism, kitchen workshops, vocational training and food safety issues in various regions of Cyprus.


In the past days, you had a very interesting event in giving Cypriot food courses to American students in Bandabulya. Do you think you will continue with such activities?


These and other cultural activities will continue to increase.


Thank you.


This story is not just about them, it's all about us. They may be the entrepreneurs, but some of you want to get involved. You will always proceed, as you believe and turn every thing into something to cherish.

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