Support from tour operators for Turkish Cypriot Youth Association


Support from tour operators for Turkish Cypriot Youth Association

The recently established Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI), founded by young Turkish Cypriots organised an event inthe capital city of Wales,Cardiff on 8 December, Saturday.

At the event organised in Cardiff, the Turkish Cypriot youth travelled from London and came together with students studying in Cardiff.

According to a statement made from the Turkish Cypriot Youth Association, the event was organised with the objective to bring together the Turkish Cypriot young living or studying in the diaspora, with the structure of unity and solidarity.

The Youth Association said that it will continue to organise young people to unite under the same roof and create a strong voice.

The Turkish Cypriot youth came together at Saray Restaurant in Cardiff for lunch, and then toured together at Winter Wonderland and Christmas markets.

The TRNC London Representative Oya Tuncalı and her husband Ihsan Tuncalı, Cardiff Univeristy Professor Engin Kara and his wife Tümay Tuğyan also Okan Baysan attended to the event held in Cardiff.

The recently established KTGBI stated that the Turkish Cypriot youth have succeeded their meeting in Cardiff by exceeding distances also promised to work harder for unity and solidarity within the youth.


KTGBI, established with the notion to identify young people’s problems and needs also to produce solutions, hence KTGBI has been in contact with Turkish Cypriot your operators in London. KTGBI stated that requested for special discounts for the Turkish Cypriot students and young people for their flights, and that they have reached an agreement with two tour operators.

Zorlu Cezaroğlu