Spring has begun in Cyprus

The island has become heaven

Spring has begun in Cyprus

Fotoğraf: Hasan KARLITAŞ
Translation: Gizem KUMBARACI

Almond trees have been covered in white like a bride, flying butterflies and chirpy birds have given the good news of the spring, which is when the island is the most beautiful. Colourful daisies, tulips and hundreds types of flowers have turned North Cyprus into a heaven.


Spring, as the most beautiful season of the island Cyprus, has said hello with the March. In this island decorated with flowers in every colour, almond trees have been covered in white just like a bride. The Cypriots, who have the habit of collecting hypoestes, blackthorn, asparagus or ziziphus lotus (gonnara) during the months of spring, have headed to the meadows and fields by using spring as an excuse. Especially during the weekends, villagers and children, selling asparagus and daffodil by the roads, have become the announcers of spring.

Fields have been covered with colourful flowers

The unforgettable flowers of the Cypriot spring, the yellow daisies, have covered the fields like a yellow carpet. The wild myrtus, one of the most fragrant flowers which start to get yellow in November to announce the upcoming spring, are also included in the list of island's most beautiful features. The Cyprus tulips, which only bloom from March until April and then dry, are the most attractive spring plants... The poppy flowers, decorating the high and moist places, are enough to make the nature lovers happy with their pink, lilac and bluish-purple colours. Also, now the freesias are ready to spread over the green fields just like a cover.

The heaven of butterflies and birds

Besides flowers, butterflies have been showing themselves in these beautiful spring months. As you walk, you realise how they keep you company by flying by your side. They are easy to spot in North Cyprus with 52 different types, 5 of them being very common. Spring months are the best months for birdwatching. In North Cyprus, there are 350 races of birds flying and living around, 46 of them being local and 7 of them being sub race. Geçitköy is very close to a reservoir river which is a beautiful water source surrounded with birds. Races such as  Squacco, Herons, Purple, Warbler, Great Reed, Little Crake, Bittern, Bonellis and Eagle can be seen in this area. 

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