Only the Name of windmills remained

Windmills, which once symbolized "production" and "struggle" in Maras, are now broken, hollow, idle

Only the Name of windmills remained

  Now the only names of famous windmills in Famagusta's Maraş Region remained. Windmills have been failed to stand the test of time and are now idle, just reminiscent of the past.

The windmills that symbolize "production" and "struggle" in the British and the Cypriot times are located at different points in the country, such as in Marash, Paralimni, Sotira, Protaras and especially in Derinya.

The dozens of windmills in the open section of Maraş are in very poor condition due to lack of care. Not many of them are working nowadays while many are breaking their wings over time.

The windmills built in the wells to irrigate the pomegranates and the orange gardens of the later periods in Maras before 1974 were contributing greatly to the production at that time. 

Speaking to NORTH CYPRUS UK about the subject, Famagustians said that windmills, which are the most important production tool of the time, due to years of lack of care, have remained quite neglected today.

Citizens, who say that almost all of the windmills in the north are unavailable these days, indicate that these windmills are still used in some areas in the south.

Especially in the Maras region, it has been noted that the windmills used for watering orange gardens in the recent past have created visual wealth as well.

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