Island Fisherman

Island Fisherman


One of the most special activities of Cyprus that is surrounded by the sea, is undisputed fishing. Despite all the difficulties, there are people of all age groups engaged in fishing. Petra Tou Limnidi Rock - Island, which is located in the western most part of Northern Cyprus, is a very privileged place with the feature of being an Island within the Island.

In Lefke and its villages, around 70 people are passionate about fishing and love the sea. The number of fish caught in the nets as a result of the effort that starts especially at sunrise, makes you forget all the tiredness. Ekrem Sorakın is one of the most skilled fishermen in the region. Fishing is always very enjoyable. However, it is priceless to enjoy while on Petra Tou Limnidi Island, which offers spectacular natural beauty.

How beautiful it is said in Orhan Veli Kanık’s poem below ...

Towards freedom ...

Before sunrise,

When the sea is white, you will leave.

The lust of holding oar in your palms,

The bliss of seeing a job in it,

You will go;

You will go in the seine.

Fish will come out of the way, the opposite;

You will be happy.

As you shake the net

The sea will exfoliate into your hands;

When the seagulls shut their spirits,

In their graves on the rocks,


An apocalypse will be on the horizon.

Do you say mermaids or birds?

Would you think of festivals or fetes?

Bride regiments, wires, veils, navies?


What are you waiting for, throw yourself into the sea;

There is no one waiting, never mind;

Don't you see, freedom on all sides;

Be sailing, rowing, helm, fish, water;

Go where ever you can go.

(Orhan Veli)