Cyprus people have many superstitions ...

Cyprus people have many superstitions ...

Against the evil eye, we are incensed with an olive branch

Being incensed with an olive branch against the evil eye is one of the important traditions in Cyprus.

This process is also called as "incense" among the public. In some regions, it is also called "fumigate" instead of incense. Although different names have been given to this process, being incensed continues to be a centuries-old tradition of Cypriots.

Smoke is believed to protect from the evil eye

The believer in Cyprus believes that the smoke produced when the olive leaf is burned protects from the evil eye.

Especially with the last fire left in the barbecue after the barbecue is burned, olive leaves are burned in the incense container and the whole family is incensed. In fact, by making a fan with the hand, the smoke is directed and it is turned three times especially over the head of the children. It is also said that a mania is said during the incense to be protected from the evil eye.

Those who the knockles over the incense carry the belief that this movement protects them from the evil eye and the enemy. Olive branch is burned inside the incense container made of terracotta. In addition, the olive branch to be burned must be dried. In an incense, the ends of the olive leaves are burnt first and they are incensed with that smoke coming from the leaves. After the incense process is completed, the ashes of the burned leaves are thrown on to the soil.

There is also a myth

According to one legend, Jesus escaped from his enemies, he climbed up an olive tree and blessed the olive tree after the enemies passed, saying, “Live a hundred times more than the person who planted you. "Always give abundant products, be a tree that benefits fruits and oil and enriches its owners."

Then the olive tree asked, "What if they cut me down?"… Jesus then prayed, "Then the smoke from your branches and leaves may protect people from the bad, evil eye and envy."

Many Cypriots do not know this myth, but do not forget to incense, believing that the olive leaf is good against the evil eye.

Photograph: Harun UÇAR