In religious part of Cyprus's tourism, it is certain that Lefke's most visitor attracting place is the Nakşibendi sect's immortal sheikh Nazım Kibrisi's Dervish Lodge and his tomb.



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           1- You can have breakfast at Eco Gardens.

You can start your day in this calming garden environment by tasting Cypriot traditional foods. It is guaranteed that rest of your day will go well...

2- You can visit the Soli Antik Kent.

By visiting Soli city, which is one of the most important city kingdoms that has been built in Cyprus, you can see the Theatre that has an amazing landscape view and can be enjoyed in the modern era even though it was built by older civilisations. Besides, seeing the uniquely beautiful Bazilika and Agora areas with their mosaic swan patterns will let you travel through the time and experience the past...

3- You can enjoy the unique scenery of Vuni Palace and Petra Tou Limnidi

Built by Persians as 270 metres of height above the sea level and consisting 137 rooms, Vuni Palace is definitely the most special example of the engagement of nature, culture and history because it is located between the mountains and the sea. Its extraordinary scenery is very relaxing... Can there be an island inside an island? Yes, in Lefke. Petra Tou Limnidi island, which was a host to the people of the Neolithic Era of BC. 5000, is one of the most special places to photograph.

4- You can participate in Local Festivals.

The festivals, that are organised in different times throughout the year, happening in Lefke and its villages are bringing some important liveliness to the west side of the country. The main common aspects of all of these festivals is that they all are product related festivals. What are they? They are; Lefke Walnut Festival, Date Palm Festival, Jaffa Orange Celebrations, Yeşilırmak Strawberry Festival, Yedidalga Verigo Grape Festival,  Doğancı Culture Festival and Bağlıköy Eco Day. It is worth changing your direction towards Lefke during festival times...

5- You can visit the Sheikh Dervish Lodge and Tomb

In religious part of Cyprus's tourism, it is certain that Lefke's most visitor attracting place is the Nakşibendi sect's immortal sheikh Nazım Kibrisi's Dervish Lodge and his tomb.

6- You can take a break at the Acendu Fountain.

Standing still like a hidden treasure among orange trees, you can visit this beautiful fountain, that is dated back to the Venice era, and remember the old nostalgic times.

7- Observe the Ottoman, Venice and Britain architectural artifacts in Lefke.

After the capital city Nicosia, Ottoman Inns, as one of the few examples of the Ottoman architecture, can be mostly seen in Lefke. Made with the influence of the Ottoman Era architecture, with its many historical houses and inns, Lefke's architectural textures and the streets inns are located are offering an impressive scenery, which is reflecting authentic textures. The textures created by the Ottoman, Venice and Britain architectural artifacts in the town is creating a harmony which is usually very difficult to encounter.  Mosques, tombs and aqueducts are only just the few of the historical inheritances....

8- You can visit the Eco-Village Bağlıköy.

It will impress you to meet with the villagers who are naming the Bağlıköy as Eco-Village and are trying to cherish its adobe houses reflecting the traditional Cypriot textures, its tranquility, its nature and the Cypriot culture.

9- You can pick strawberries in Yeşilırmak.

If it is the season for strawberry picking and you are in the west side of the country, you should not turn back until you pick up some strawberries from the strawberry fields of Yeşilırmak. In Yeşilırmak, as the land of production and strawberries, besides strawberries mostly every kind of fruit and vegetables are being produced.

10- You can see the grapevine in Yeşilırmak that has been entered in the The Guiness Book of Records.

One of the most important places to see in Yeşilırmak, which is located in the west side of North Cyprus, is certainly the grapevine that has been entered The Guiness Books of Records in 1947. Located in the Asmali Plaj and has been alive for centuries, the grapevine deserved its place in the book with its 85cm thickness, majestic appearance and ability of bearing 3 tonnes of grapes each year.

11- You can see the Date Palm, Walnut and Orange Trees all together.

It is not very possible to see these tree types, all usually grows in different climate conditions, together in any other landscape of the world. However, it is possible in Lefke. The scenery of Karşıyaka and the view of the Aplıç area will make your soul feel relaxed.

12- You can do or watch Kite Surf.

Windsurf-kitesurf, as one of the rapidly developing trends in North Cyprus, is happening in Yedidalga and Gaziveren. It is a very special option for the adventurists.

13- You can drink coffee in the coffee houses dating centuries, located in the centre of Lefke's historical textures.

After wandering around in Lefke, you can take a break in the coffee houses which miners of Lefke had been going to relax. Drinking coffee after feeling tired will make you feel rested.

14- You can visit the Red Harbour and watch the sunset in Gemikonağı.

This special construction is named as the tilted Eiffel Tower by the Cypriot folk. The Red Harbour is a very important landmark  that can be seen almost from the every part of Lefke. While only the inside-the-sea part is 500 metres long, it is 50 metres between the each pole. Harbour pier's lenght has been calculated as approximately 1km in total. Gemikonağı is certainly one of the best places to watch sunsets in Cyprus.

15- You can stay over in Lefke and its Villages.

Lefke and its villages, planning their future to improve their tourism, production and education, are offering very special options accommodation for its visitors. Smallness can be magnificent. The joy you can get by visiting the working places, that is run by the welcoming local people and are engaged with the nature, is incomparable; Organic Farm, Vouni King Hotel, Swan of Soli, Lefke Gardens Hotel,  Bağlıköy Vineyard House and Pendaya Eco Garden are waiting their guests.

16- You can engage with the nature on Hiking Trails.

Created in Lefke, Bağlıköy and Yeşilırmak, these hiking trails are offering different alternatives to anyone who is interested. Especially Lefke Hiking Trail, Orchird Valley, Soli Ruin -  Bağlıköy trail, Vuni Palace - Yeşilırmak trail, beside having great trail types, it is also offering amazing views along the route.

17- You can taste Slowfood and Ottoman Pastes.

You can't come all the way to Lefke district and leave without eating Green Walnuts in Syrup. The trend of slow food in Lefke, which is announcing its work with the name ''Cittaslow'' (slow city), is becoming widespread. Everyone deserves having fair, clean and healthy food.

18- You can watch the Lefke Dam.

The building of Lefke/Gemikonağı pond, being the second biggest pond of North Cyprus, started in 1989 and ended in 1992. This Gemikonağı pond, having the ability to hold 4.000.000 tonnes of water, is supplying Lefke area's water necessity. The Turkish bath that has been left inside the dam, which has been built on an old mining area, is a very interesting instance.

19- You can recover your old copper products by tinning.

Recently, copper kitchen utensils are getting popular again. The reason is that the food that is cooked in a cooper pan or pot is very delicious. If you are going to use cooper kitchen utensils in your house, you need to know that they need to go through a tinning care. Tinning process can be done in Gemikonağı.

20- You can slow at Cittaslow Lefke!

Lefke, being a member of the international Cittaslow (slow city) organisation in 2015, where life is beautiful and easy, is calling for slow living, calmness and tranquility by simple living. Because Cittaslow means feeling something. Lefke; the best place to get an answer to the calling of the tranquility inside you.


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