The landscape of İskele has transformed thanks to the Noyanlar

Zarif Noyan, Sales Director of the Noyanlar Group, who started to serve as an architectural office 47 years ago and step-by-step, summit in Cyprus's construction sector, explained the successes and aims of the family businesses in the business world:

 The landscape of İskele has transformed thanks to the Noyanlar

The Noyanlar Group, which made more than 4 thousand families house owner, will print its name in the district in gold letters with the project of Park Residence, which is ready to set up bases in Iskele. Park Residence consists of 650 residences 200 meters away from the sea. Thus, the Noyanlar Group will increase the number of unique architectural houses built in İskele to three thousand...

Zarif Noyan, Sales Director of the Noyanlar Group, who started to serve as an architectural office 47 years ago and step-by-step, summit in Cyprus's construction sector, explained the successes and aims of the family businesses in the business world to North Cyprus UK.

Zarif Noyan, the wife of company founder Gökhan Noyan's son Ahmet Noyan, said that the Noyanlar Group has achieved great success with its architectural investments, after noting that the company has built its first site project on the Iskele with its unique bay.

Zarif Noyan, the sales director of the Noyanlar Group, who made huge investments in the Iskele and changed the landscape of the region, proudly spoke about the fact that 2 thousand 500 residences are now home to more than 4 families in Iskele and they will construct 650 more apartments as well.

Zarif Noyan stated that Park Residence project will print its name in the region in golden letters. The project will be introduced in November. Zarif Noyan also announced the good news about the Sea Pearl project consisting of 52 villas that will be introduced to the region soon.

Noyanlar highlighted the fact that they are standing behind the company and its solid reputation, noting that the Group's high-quality projects were timely and passionate, supplying the satisfaction of its customers. Noyan added that Sea Life, Long Beach Life and Royal Sun Residence are just some of the projects that make customers happy.

Promotion offices in 5 different countries in the last 3 years

Zarif Noyan told us about her adventure in Noyanlar Group's that has started 17 years ago. The sales department, which now is under her leadership, aims not only to provide quality and comfort to its customers, but also aims to discover the international markets.

Zarif Noyan, mother to a three-year-old, underlined his involvement at every stage of the company and paid attention to her contribution to the placement of the company at international markets as well.

Zarif Noyan emphasized the fact that they have introduced offices in many countries abroad, saying they are promoting both Northern Cyprus and their projects at these offices and in the international fairs they have attended abroad. Zarif Noyan mentioned about new offices opened in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Israel, Belarus and Azerbaijan, in the last three years, and she added: "Everyone thinks Israel is very difficult. However, nothing is difficult. It is very important to integrate with people, to understand them. In sales and marketing, I have never approached any person with money or material. We have acted with each other, thinking how we can integrate them into our family, and we have gained the love and confidence of our customers. " Noyan added that they also have offices in Ukraine, Kiev, Latvia and Riga.

"I proceed step-by-step, and eventually reached to the top of the sales"

She graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature, and in 2000 he joined the Noyanlar Group and during her first month, she made 12 architectural sales, and this had bring the appreciation of the elderly members of the family. Zarif Noyan continued: "I am a graduate of teaching English, and I have not even thought about being in the construction industry. Originally I am from Morphou. I met my husband in college and got married in 1997. We have three children. Then I took part in the company to give support. It was beginning of 2000’s, in those years, the British had a great investment in the island, and people who knew the language were needed. This was a great advantage for me, I have performed 12 successful sales in the first month, and so I got into the eyes of the elders. Until 2005, I worked at every level of the company. I served secretarial, accounting, material selection and many other areas. I proceeded step-by-step. In 2006, I was brought to the sales director's position with the discretion of the elders of the family. I never gave up developing myself in terms of marketing. I participate in many seminars, sales and marketing related courses. There is no such thing as pausing in the construction sector. I believe that the secret of marketing is to follow the innovations. With a strong initiative, we will continue to add success to our success " 

"It was my husband's idea to move the office to the Iskele"

After the two-storey projects they had done in İsklele, they decided to carry out their offices to Iskele, this idea was belonging to Ahmet Noyan which contributed to the growth of the Noyanlar Company. Zarif Noyan added:  "At first, everybody showed a big reaction. Ahmet told us to look at the location of the office and its view. He said ‘this would be like Antalya and Alanya in the future, my faith was very strong’. And his predictions were correct. In 2008, we launched the office within full 90 days. We then have set goals for ourselves and worked hard to achieve those goals. We first introduced ourselves to the Russian market. With big advertisements, we first marketed our beautiful island Cyprus then our company. We have achieved good success. We have made serious sales to our customers from other countries other than Russia. Noyanlar contributed greatly to the local residents as well as to the local tradesmen. We have changed the landscape of the region. The area has attracted tourists. This makes us very proud. Tourist even has a big contribution to the bazaar, taking place once a week in the region. "

Zarif Noyan stressed that two months ago, a three-star hotel with 55 rooms contributed to tourism as well, and she mentioned that the hotel is the second hotel of the region.




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